Lost and Found

For those participating in our serial challenge, reflect on the theme of “lost and found”.

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Finding that, that is lost is freeing. Especially when there is an emotional attachment to it. The relief in finding Monster Truck was felt by all three of us.

Later that day, as I sat down on my sofa, the “What if” question popped into my mind.

What if we hadn’t found it?

I wondered if it would change my son’s actions and behaviour in the future. In the past, when I lost things and never found them, I would get upset, but these days, I find that not letting it affect my mood is the better way to go, although at times difficult. So here’s a letter to my 33 month old son regarding this subject.

Dear Son,

Remember that time you lost Monster Truck at the museum then we found it when you led Baba and I straight to where you’d left it? Well, imagine if we hadn’t found it. I’d like you to know that, it is fine to lose things. Sometimes losing something leads to gaining something else. Try not to let these kinds of situations affect you in a negative way. Always be open to adventure. Something exciting might await you as you say goodbye to what you’ve lost. Keep a positive mind in life and life dishes positive things back to you. Remember that always.

Your Mama

This is a continuation of Right Over Here!

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