Baby Shower

Today was my baby shower for my second baby to come. My mothers group arranged it and surprised me. How nice of them!! I feel so lucky that in a country I didn’t grow up in, I’ve got people who care about me enough to throw me a surprise baby shower. It really touches my heart. This is what life is about. The connections and friendships that are created. All this thanks to my first-born. If it wasn’t for him existing, I’d not have met these group of women that I call friends.

We first met through our local maternity centre in 2011. All our babies were about 2 months old. We shared our worries and delights of being first time mothers. We learnt from each other. We laughed at some stories and gasped at others. I remember one particular day when one of the mothers said her son sleeps through the night. I along with the other mothers just “wow”ed! We could not believe that that was actually possible. I was having to wake up at least 3 times in one night to either do a feed, change a nappy or just sooth my gassy little boy. Who knew that there were newborns out there that didn’t require any of these services in the night! What I’d have done for a proper night sleep back then. And now I’m about to do it all over again! Am I crazy? Of course not. I love children and having another one just brings a smile to my face.

I am really looking forward to July with great anticipation. Most people have told me the second child is normally better at sleeping and doesn’t cry as much, so I’m really hoping this will be the case for me. Having my lovely husband who’s amazing also helps in the first month. He’s so attentive to my needs and helps out in whatever way he can, so I guess I am lucky in that area. My parents have also trekked all the way to this side of the world to help me out in this time, which is just great! I don’t have to worry about the cooking, cleaning and watching my first-born all day long. I get to have a bit of me time before I have to immerse myself in being a mother to a newborn again. So July, I await you humbly and excitedly! As my son says, “Let’s do this!!!”

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