Gold Coast Suns

Living in Australia for the past 7 years, I’ve come to enjoy watching one of the popular sports in the country, the AFL – Australian Football League. 3 years ago, I decided to start supporting a new team from Queensland that was joining the league. They would be called Gold Coast Suns. It made sense to back a new team as I was also new to the sport.

Gold Coast Suns

Photo: Jason O’Brien/AFL Media

Gold Coast Suns began their AFL journey with so many losses that it’d have been easy to walk away from them, but the difficulty they faced was understandable. They were playing teams that had existed for over 40 years. Something in me believed in the Suns and I stuck with them through the hard times. Today, they are happily sitting in the top 8 team ladder, which means that they have a chance of being in the final playoffs. There are still 7 more rounds until this is decided, but I am ever so positive that they will be one of the eight. If they are not, that’s ok too. After all, they have shown so much improvement in their games so far and I know their future is bright.

One thing is for sure, I will be wearing my Gold Coast Suns scarf, drinking tea from my Gold Coast Suns cup and cheering them on from my couch every week until the final rounds.


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