The Synthesizer

Tell us about something — an object, a memory, a story — you haven’t touched in a while.

I have always been a musical person. I loved playing keyboard growing up. So I purchased a Korg Synthesizer back in 2009 after much research online. A synthesizer for those unfamiliar, is an electronic instrument with a variety of sounds built into it. I was very excited to say the least as I had wanted one of these babies for a very long time.

Korg R3 Synthesizer

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Two years, it lasted, our close relationship. Then I fell pregnant and somehow I didn’t feel the urge to create music with it, so I packed it away in its box and put it into the guest closet.

The Korg synthesizer has been in its box in the same guest closet for over 3 years now. I do not want to get rid of it, because I know that one day, I will get that urge to create music again and my attachment to it is too strong. Until that day comes, it’ll have to remain in its box as I don’t want my 33 month old to put his hands on it yet. I’m also expecting another little one any day now, therefore taking it out into the open is not an option at this point in my life. I don’t feel bad, I just know that something great is waiting for me and once I bring it out, we’ll be like best friends who never left each other’s side.


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