A Stranger’s Books

For this week’s writing challenge, ponder the significance of kindness in your life. Telling us about the last time or the most memorable time you received a random act of kindness from a stranger.

Living in an apartment can have certain disadvantages, but today I’ll share one advantage with you. There sits a decorative table at the front entry area of my apartment. On some occasions, this table holds letters addressed incorrectly or sometimes flyers and junk mail that residents discard.

There have been a few times where I walked in to find the decorative table filled with stacks of books. New ones, small ones, big ones, old ones and even bestsellers. The first time I saw the books sitting there, I could not believe my eyes. Who would give away brand new John Grisham books? I grabbed a couple to take home with me. Recently, my father who is an avid reader, enjoyed and finished reading one of the John Grisham books that I had picked up that first day.

Coincidentally a few days ago, my father and I were walking back from my obstetrician appointment and upon our return to the apartment, there it was, the table with a book atop. It was yet another John Grisham book. My father was amazed at such kindness from an unseen stranger. I told him to take it and he hesitantly did as he was not used to getting books without paying for them. We still do not know which of my neighbours leave these books out, but I hope one day I run into them while they are in the process of placing books on that table, to say a big thank you for their generosity and kindness.


14 thoughts on “A Stranger’s Books

  1. Hi there,
    Such a wonderful thing, a book. And if it’s John Grisham, you’re lucky to be in such a great neighbourhood. Nice to know there are people who willingly give away books to strangers. I personally am so protective of my books, perhaps I should be a bit more open minded.
    Thanks for sharing this, made me think.

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  2. How lovely! My neighborhood has started building little book houses on the corners of different streets as mini lending libraries. It’s a great way to give out books you don’t need and get new ones for free 🙂

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  4. What a wondrous thing to happen!! We collect books in our neighbourhood to give away, but nothing quite as magical has ever occurred here. There’s a special place in heaven for whoever is doing all that good stuff where you live 🙂

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    • Thanks for reading and your comment, Sheela! I still haven’t come across The Stranger, but the books occasionally appear. I’m starting to think there might be more than one stranger. The more the merrier, I say!!


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